Classes & Programs

The evolution of sports psychology
· Why psychology in sport?
· Background to sporting behaviour
· The sociology of sport
· The philosophy of sporting behaviour
· The development of sport psychology

A healthy mind in a healthy body
· Exercise psychology - Keeping the Exercise Habit
· The body-mind
· Body and mind in sport - Psychosomatics
· The biological basis of sporting behaviour
· Stress and sport
· Drugs in sport
· Injury in sport

The psychology of winning
· Sport psychology and achievement in sport
· The psychology of athletes
· Motivation in sport
· The winning factors in sport
· Training for success
· Sport and life

The importance of play
· The social context
· Childhood influences on sport
· Basic child psychology
· Development of motor skills in children
· Fitness in children
· The benefits (to children) of participating in sport
Psychology of Skill
· Psychological background
· More aspects of skill
· The motor skill sequence
· The importance of physical fitness
· What happens when people learn?
· Goal setting

A champion personality
· What makes a champion?
· What is personality?
· The scientific approach to personality measurement
· Motivation - an essential topic
· Emotion in sport
· The personal approach to knowing your own personality
· The benefits of sport participation

The coaching process
· Different preparations for different sports
· Coaching and performance
· The coaching process
· Principles of training and fitness
· Programmes for fitness
· Approaches to coaching
· Recommendations for effective coaching practice
· Psychology in crunch situations  

Psychological Skill Training (PST)
· Applying psychology
· Psychology applied to your life
· Applied psychology and behavioural change
· What is PST?
· Implementing PST in a group setting
· Applying PST in your sport
The audience effects in sport
· Why social psychology?
· Social psychology meets sport
· Social motivation
· The sociology of games
· Aggression in sport
· What is success and failure?
· Improving communication skills
· Building team spirit

Sport psychology in action
· The philosophy of sport psychology
· Delivering sport psychology effectively
· Implementing a sport psychology programme
· Stress and your lifestyle

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